65-Year-Old Man Tries To65-Year-Old Man Tries To Marry A 12-Year-Old Girl In Times Square. Now Watch How These New Yorkers React Marry A 12-Year-Old Girl In Times Square. Now Watch How These New Yorkers React{VIDEO}

Most people think about child marriage as something that only occurs in additional countries—and nobody might envision it occurring in Europe or America. But what you might not know is the fact that some states in the United States allow kids as fresh as 12 to officially committed.

So that you can call awareness of this important issue, Facebook star Coby Persin staged a societal research in Timessquare, Ny. Persin begins his movie by introducing the topic. Then the camera cuts to a 65-yearold groom in his tux keeping the palm of his 12 -yearold bride as the couple cause for wedding pictures.

This being Timessquare, the couple easily attract the interest of numerous viewers. Initially, folks look bewildered and many of them provide the guy looks that are dirty. But quickly several people get stepin to determine exactly what is currently going on. If the groom doesn’t appear to experience pity, the situation gets more tense. Ultimately, a few Great Samaritans come to the defense that is girl’s and attempt to take away her to safety.

It’s a robust affirmation of what happens when injustice occurs in front of our eyes. The task is how-to react when noticeable.

The movie was captioned by persin. “New Yorker’s didn’t stand for a young child getting married to an older person, and neither should elsewhere on earth be ok with it!”

The video is equally positive and scary in the same period. View it under.