Man’s trying to shovel snow. Now watch his dog hilariously try to help him

With the recent blizzard on the East Coast and winter weather everywhere else, it’s more and more common to see folks shoveling snow each morning. Everyone of us could use a little help when it comes to shoveling snow. While we would prefer a human to help us, I guess having our pet ‘help’ us shovel snow isn’t that bad….

In the hilarious compilation below, you will see various pups helping their owners shovel snow. Dogs, as we all know, are incredibly loyal animals, and they are eager to lend a helping hand when they can.

When the pooches in the video see their owners heading outside with a shovel, they are eager to help finish the chore. Some are actually pretty good at shoveling snow, while others manage to do more harm than good. Regardless of how much these dogs ‘helped,’ their owners were probably elated to spend quality time with them outside the house.

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