If You Do These 10 Things You Won’t Ever Crave Junk Food Again

Junk food cravings are strong. It is hard to resist the call of warm doughnuts, gooey chocolate bars, nachos, or ice cream crammed with candy and caramel. The cravings for junk are strong, and you need to be stronger than the cravings when you are trying to lose weight. Here are ten ways to ditch the cravings for junk food once and for all.

1. Lead yourself not into temptation.

Junk food may seem like it is everywhere but it’s really not. There is no junk food in your car or home unless you put it there or someone you live with brings it. Step away from the junk food by not buying it, asking family members not to bring it into your house, and avoiding places where you are tempted to purchase junk food.

2. Have alternatives, like fruit and nuts, available.

If you are craving a candy bar from the vending machine and have your $0.75 in your hand and no healthy alternative, what are you likely to do? You are likely to plop those quarters in the machine and chow down. Have healthy alternatives ready such as fruit, granola bars, trail mix, or water spiked with a bit of fruit juice.