Tragic Facts About Obesity The Big Fat World Should Know

Obesity has become a worldwide medical issue. It’s an epidemic that researchers are calling the plague of the 21st century. The issue is the worst in places like Britain, The United States, Canada, and Australia, where fast food is readily available 24 hours a day. The fact is that if not controlled soon, the entire world will suffer from being too fat and too exhausted to exercise as the hamburger, chicken and pizza joints begin to slither into the culture of Asian, South American, and Middle Eastern countries at a rapid pace.

#1 Worldwide

Turn your pacemakers up because this is a shocker! Today, there are more people worldwide suffering from obesity as a medical condition than those suffering from hunger or starvation. There are still those going hungry, but the food is not getting to that sector while the obese population grows (pardon the pun).

#2 Ranking

Hold onto your hats folks! The USA is not actually the fattest country in the world, despite what everyone wants to believe. In fact, the USA is only number eleven in terms of obese people. That means that somewhere out there are people worse than those caught late night shopping at Walmart in their big, loose pajamas. Even the UK is listed at number 22 on the list of most obese populations by country.