15 Disturbing Pictures Casey Anthony Doesn’t Want You To See

Casey Anthony quickly became one of the most hated women in America after being found not guilty of murdering her young daughter, Caylee Anthony. The case was widely covered with the entire trial being available to watch when it was taking place. Many people thought for sure that she had done it only to be shocked to find out that the jury found her not guilty. The main reason they could not put Casey behind bars is that they couldn’t prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that she had committed the crime. To this day, many people still do not know exactly what happened to poor little Caylee.

The case gained popularity because of the nature of what was happening. This was a common young woman whose daughter vanished out of nowhere only to be found with duct tape and little other evidence weeks later. The explanations from her mother and grandparents were very flaky; they weren’t able to piece together a story that made sense. Still, because of how little is really known about the case, no one can really say for certain what happened. The only one who will ever know the truth about what really happened to her is Caylee, and she’s been silenced for eternity.

Whether you believe Casey is innocent or that she’s a terrible mother who deserved worse, these next photos might change the way you look at the case no matter what side you’re on. Here are 15 Pictures Casey Anthony Doesn’t Want You To See:

1. She Might Have A Show With O.J

As if Casey’s story wasn’t grim enough, there’s now talk of her getting together with O.J. Simpson to star in a reality show about their acquittals. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife although most of the evidence showed that he had done it, much like Casey’s case. O.J. is currently serving a long sentence for unrelated crimes, though he’s set for possible parole this year, meaning production could begin soon if they decide to go forward with it. The show would revolve around their lives after the trials and basically have them play victims in a cruel world. It doesn’t seem right for them to profit off of the deaths of their loved ones, but it’s still something that they’re reportedly interested in. Would you ever watch the show if it ended up being made?

2. She Sells Her Own Photos To The Paparazzi Now

Recently, as we can assume, times have been tough for Casey Anthony. No one wants to hire her, and she has trouble making genuine friends. She depends on her lawyers’ money to stay alive. Whenever she finds herself needing extra cash, she either tips off the paparazzi as to where she’s going so they can get pics, or she has someone take pictures for her and sells them herself! It’s pretty pathetic when you have to contact the paparazzi to come follow you around. Most celebrities would also hate to have the paparazzi around them! That is the sad pathetic life that Casey Anthony has to live now, however. She is trying to paint herself as a celebrity even ten years after her daughter died. You’d think she would’ve dyed her hair and changed her name, but it almost seems as though she enjoys being in the spotlight.

3. She Has To Keep A Low Profile

Although many people think the verdict in Casey’s case was unjust, she’s certainly been convicted by the public. She can’t live anywhere without people knowing her name and what she did. She tries to mask herself in public, but even with glasses and a baseball cap, we can still see that it’s the evil woman who allegedly killed her child. There are even rumors that she’s still living in housing provided by her team of lawyers because she’s unable to make money on her own. Although she isn’t sitting behind bars rotting away like her daughter did, she’s still certainly a prisoner in her own home. Will she ever be able to have a family of her own again? Will anyone believe her innocence enough to have children with her again? Is that even what she wants?