Banned World Foods That People Still Eat in the USA

#1 Hormone-infused American Beef and Milk

Much of the US beef and milk cattle are fed synthetic hormones prior to their slaughter or milking in an attempt to get as much product out of the cow as possible. The National Cancer Association has since seen cases of hormonal cancer rise.

Found in: American beef and milk Health Hazards: Cancer

Banned in: European Union, Japan, Australia, and China


#2 Pink Slime

This stuff is (apparently) meat. More exactly, the clingy meat that’s pulled from the bone by a machine, including a little cartlidge. Pink slime is used as an additive to bulk up cheap meat.

Found in: Hot dogs, burgers. Health Hazards: This ‘meat’ is more likely to carry pathogens because it’s pulled from the bone.

Banned in: European Union


#3 Genetically Engineered Food

Many of the papayas that make their way to the US are genetically modified to be ringspot virus-resistant. While we don’t fully know the effect of genetically engineered foods on humans, many European countries are opposed to the idea because of the effect these crops have on animals.

Found in: Papayas, corn, and many other crops. Health Hazards: Animals fed GE foods have suffered intestinal and organ damage, tumors, birth defects, premature death and in some cases, sterility by the third generation.

Banned in: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg.