Do You Think Sugar Is What Causes Cavities In Your Teeth?? Think Again!

#1 Maintain good oral hygiene

What is important is to remember as well as teach every child is the fact that maintaining good oral hygiene is of critical importance. If food particles trapped between our teeth are left to rot there for a long period of time they are able to become the breeding ground for bacteria. It is this bacterium that produces an acid which corrodes teeth and forms cavities. So it is wise to remember that washing and rinsing the mouth thoroughly after food is eaten is the first and most beneficial step to prevent cavities in the first place.

#2 What happens with the bacteria inside the mouth?

Right after we have eaten something, the inside of our mouth becomes a veritable colony of bacteria and that spreads all over the mouth. A small amount of bacteria is quite a normal thing but a larger quantum is what is hazardous. Although not all types of bacteria are harmful to our dental health, it is the acid some bacteria produces that is cavity causing. The sole cause is not sugar at all but a range of food stuffs we consumer normally.