Fitness Horror Stories That Will Scare You Away From The Gym

Many people, regardless of specific goals and level of fitness, find the gym an intimidating place. Newbies are apprehensive about trying things out, scared that they’ll get things wrong, anxious about looking stupid in other people’s eyes. And there is a lot of equipment and different types of machines that may seem alien to new gym goers. On the other hand, some people push themselves way too hard, and others let their egos get the better of them, lift too much weight, and suffer the consequences. It’s how injuries occur, truly disgusting injuries that could affect that individual physically, but also scar those who witness them mentally, scaring them away from the gym. Read about the stories in this article, and it’ll probably have the same effect on you.

The gym environment can be a pretty scary place. Sure, you get these gyms that are more like health clubs, gyms that look all nice and pretty, light and airy inside – these are much more welcoming places than those hardcore muscle building gyms. But wherever you go, whatever the atmosphere in the gym is like, sometimes things happen, things that are completely out of your control, that could end up scaring the bejesus out of you and make you run for the hills.

Whether you hear about it, actually see it, or go through it yourself, these stories are bound to make you think twice about going through those gym doors again. Some of the people in this list have encountered really horrific situations in the gym. They’ve been injured, hospitalized, traumatized, and one person actually died. Thank your lucky stars you didn’t witness these events, but reading about them will probably have the same effect of keeping you away from the gym. If you want to then use this article as an excuse for skipping your upcoming gym session, that’s fine, tell your buddies to read it and they’ll understand – they’ll be in the same boat!

#1. Crushed To Death

The bench press is undoubtedly the king of the upper body workouts. It’s used as a means of comparing strength: “how much do you bench, bro?” is a saying that’s heard a lot around guys who lift and have a bit of muscle. That’s because it’s a compound exercise that allows people to lift heavy, and consequently people feel the need to load up the bar and just got as heavy as possible in order to give their egos a boost and feel like the main man (or woman). Whether that’s what 22-year-old Kyle Thompson did or not, we don’t know, but he certainly went heavy. You can see from this pic of him squatting that he was a pretty big guy, and had enough weight loaded on the barbell to claim his life when it crashed down on top of him.

It really was a freak and horrific accident. It occurred late last year at the Elite Edge Transformation Center in Ankeny, Iowa. Kyle was benching, didn’t have anyone to spot him, and the weight ended up slipping and ultimately ended up crushing him to death. He suffered severe internal injuries before passing away later in hospital. Understandably, those in the gym who witnessed the event were horrified. Everyone ended up meeting with grief counsellors, but still, it’s the worst thing that could happen in a gym, and was probably enough to put a lot of those gym members off from returning, and certainly bench pressing, again.

#2. Jens “The Beast” Dalsgaard Suffers Hemorrhagic Stroke

Those of you who follow all these bodybuilding and fitness personalities online will certainly know of Jens “The Beast” Dalsgaard. He’s somewhat of a celebrity in the bodybuilding world and a successful businessman too, and he’s certainly a recognizable figure with his huge body and all those head tatts. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why he’s called The Beast! But even the bodybuilding beasts who walk this earth are prone to getting into serious strife in the gym. Look at Jens and you’d think he’s made of Teflon, but in 2016 he ended up in hospital while visiting an expo in the UK.

Jens is a busy dude, so before he ended up in hospital, he was flying around the place, meeting people, doing what he does best, but neglected to take on enough fuel. He hadn’t eaten or drank enough fluids, but when he touched down in England and met up with all his buddies, he was eager to hit the gym. But just three reps into his first set of incline presses, he just stopped, couldn’t push any more, and his body just crashed and shut down. He had a seizure, he said he felt like his brain was being crushed, and then nearly exploded. When the emergency services were called they found out he had a brain bleed. It just goes to show that you need to be smart when training in the gym, you need to take precautions. If this can happen to guy with decades of training under his belt, it can happen to you too.