LuLaRoe Is Getting Sued Over Claims That Its Popular Leggings Rip ‘Like Wet Toilet Paper’

If you’re a woman on social media, you’ve probably heard of LuLaRoe—the company that makes cute, affordable, ultra-soft leggings. You probably even have friends who are consumers or consultants, and have even been invited to an online LuLaRoe party. Hell, you may have even bought a pair or two yourself. But LuLaRoe’s overnight popularity is currently taking a nosedive as reports come to light about defective products and a complete disregard for consumers from LuLaRoe Corporate.

#1 While LulaRoe sells shirts, dresses, and other clothes, its signature products are the “buttery-soft” leggings, which retail for $25 plus tax.

The fashion brand LuLaRoe is officially being forced to face the hundreds of customer reports that their buttery-soft, signature leggings are just not cutting it.

After news surfaced last month of the leggings’ tendency to rip just hours into a single wear — and the fact that the company reportedly wasn’t refunding unsatisfied customers, earning them a resounding “F” with the BBB — LuLaRoe will have to answer these claims in court.

#2 Thousands of customers are complaining that their leggings are ripping after they wore them just once or twice…

The lawsuit, brought by two LuLaRoe customers, accuses the women’s clothing brand of ignoring thousands of customer complaints about the quality of its leggings and knowingly selling defective merchandise that rips like “wet toilet paper” to enrich the company’s top executives.