Obese Couple Lives Off Taxpayer Money Because They Are ‘Too Fat To Work’

With a combined weight of 54 stone — the equivalent of 756 lbs— Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe claim that they are too overweight to find and keep even a part-time job. The Plymouth couple receives the equivalent of $24,760 per year in taxpayer dollars due to their claim. Stephen weighs 434 lbs, and Michelle is 322 lbs.

Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe were featured in an episode that aired on January 5, 2016, on the U.K. documentary show, “Benefits: Too Fat To Work.”

The couple claims that their weight prevents them from getting jobs, and they get disability benefits.


Taxpayer burden?

Included in the documentary was footage of their $3,700 wedding, which included catering for 50 guests, Michelle’s dress, and a tuxedo that needed to be custom-made to fit Stephen. All of this was paid for with the benefits they receive from taxpayer money.