These Might Just Be The Worst Things You Will Ever See At Walmart

While Walmart gets a bad rep for many reasons, it does have some good things to offer. There are low prices and virtually anything you could want to buy found under one roof. They also let anyone and everyone in. Oh wait, that last reason is not so positive after all. From people who are dressed completely crazy to people who are not really dressed at all, this lack of character and dress code has led the super chain to become the butt of many jokes (pun intended).Just when you think you’ve seen it all, one quick trip to Walmart can have you questioning your faith in humanity. Though, we must admit that it is quite entertaining. Since there is a Walmart in every state, you don’t have to go to Vegas to see a show! We can save you a trip to Walmart as well with these photos that show why the discount store can truly be disturbing.

#1 Mail order bride?

Walmart is well-known as a place with no dress code, or at least no dress code enforcement. This is a perfect example of that and probably one of the most unusual outfits of choice. Either this young woman is planning on mailing herself off at the Walmart post office, or she lost her clothes in the dressing room. Maybe someone is bringing her back in exchange for whatever originally came in the box, since Walmart is also known as a place that will take back virtually anything.

At least she had the decency to choose a box that covered most of her body, though it looks like she is in trouble if she drops her hands. If she is not putting herself on the mail route, then she should probably head on over to the clothing section.


#2 Exercising the demons

How disturbing is this sight? Just imagine a child wandering around the store, turning the corner down one of the toy aisles, and running into this guy. Talk about having nightmares for the rest of your life! It is hard to tell what is most scary about this picture: his eyes, his teeth, his shirt, or what appears to be face tattoos running out from under his eyes. As if his appearance were not creepy enough, he had to go and hula hoop to make it even more weird.

Nothing gets creepier than a goth guy playing with a child’s toy. Well, unless of course he were playing with an actual child instead. At least there is a fire extinguisher close by in case things get out of hand.


#3 Better wear a belt

We all know that the purpose of wearing a belt is to keep your pants from falling down, but what if you’re not wearing any pants? Then, I guess wearing a belt would just be a fashion statement, though it is hard to tell exactly what kind of statement this woman is trying to make. The brown leather belt goes well with her white cowgirl hat, but beyond that, it gets a little confusing. She is wearing what looks like a white halter top with her bra hanging out of the back. Though, we are just glad that she is wearing a bra. As for the part below the belt, that is another issue. Her bottoms look more like part of a bikini rather than a pair of panties, which is actually a good thing. She should probably reposition her belt as she is starting to show a little crack.