Cop Approaches A Harmless Dog Who Had Just Given Birth. Then Points A Gun At Her And Her Puppy

Police officers have been in the news a lot lately.

In the United States, many officers have come under fire for how they are treating citizens. The citizens of the United States are not happy with it and are taking things into their own hands and killing police officers. Senseless violence. Not all police officers are bad – let me just start with that.

But, police officers are humans and humans are capable of terrible things. Most of us are aware of the homeless pet population – it is way too high. Some of the animals that are homeless used to have homes, some of them have never known life with people.
One police officer, Maximiliano Sergio Mellado, from Argentina, is under fire for what he did to a homeless dog.

There was no reason at all for his actions and citizens of a town in Argentina called Neuquén, are outraged. What did he do? Officer Mellado shot a dog and her puppy. Some eyewitnesses saw him shoot the dog called, Milagros and her pup – who was just three days old.

The puppy died, but Milagros was immediately taken to a vet. Milagros was in surgery for 6 hours. Veterinarian, Frederico Lopez was trying to fix her jaw. Milagros lost her left eye. Three days after surgery, she died. Mellado was suspended and faces charges of animal cruelty.

He didn’t show up for the first two hearings and now has a warrant out for his arrest. No one knows where he is. Rest in Peace Milagros. Share away, people.