Man Who’s Finger Started Swelling Beyond Belief, Took Matter Into His Own Hands

He thought the infected fingernail would heal on its own. The man living in Scotland chose not to go to the doctor when it didn’t get better. I am just not sure why people take videos of this sort of thing. You can watch the disgusting video below. It shows the man squeezing all the pus out of his infected finger.

Please don’t do this at home. If you have any infected wounds, you should see a doctor. Taking care of this at home can lead to some serious complications. I mean, did he wash it at all? Is it going to get infected again? Geez, come on people!

There are some things that you can handle at home – an infected finger like that should be taken care of by a medical professional – that is what health insurance is for! Share away, people!

Take a look at this video: