Lumps can be found in several parts of the body. Besides giving your skin a disgusting and ugly view, in the most cases they won’t disappear until you take some action.

They can be rarely harmful but can be so much painful at the same time.

The size of a lump matters a lot. If it gets enlarged with time, it is better to remove it from the skin. Never try to make a treatment of a lump alone. If it happens to be on your back, you won’t ever see what’s going on with the lump.

Below you will see a viral video of a woman that had a massive lump on her back.

The viral clip shows a woman laying on her stomach on a table, with her shirt lifted up to expose a large abscess on her back. A doctor stands over her, preparing to drain the lump, which has nearly turned black at the time of the recording.
The doctor makes an incision in the lump before pressing down on her back to drain the pus inside of the abscess. As the doctor squeezes out the pus, even he is startled by the amount of liquid inside a giant pimple.
It is not clear exactly how long the abscess had been growing on the woman’s back or how long she waited to have the growth taken care of.
The video was posted on YouTube in September 2015, where is has been viewed nearly 6 million times in less than two years.

According to YNN, massive abscesses such as the one seen in the video are usually boils rather than pimples. The difference is that pimples are caused when a hair follicle is blocked when dead skin cells and oil clog the pore. Boils, however, are caused by bacterial infections of the hair follicle. As Your Nation News explains, Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, is usually responsible for the infection. Boils typically start out looking like a pimple, but can grow much larger than a normal pimple, as seen on the woman’s back in the video. If untreated, boils can cause infections to spread to the heart or spinal cord.
Many viewers shared their thoughts on the video in the comments section of the YouTube video.

“I love it when he jumped back when it shot up,” one viewer commented. “I was like “Cool!” But what I think is so funny is that so many of the doctors don’t have enough gauze handy. Ok, you are squeezing a cyst/ abscess, it’s going to spew, so have the damn gauze right there! And it can’t possibly cost that much that they have to re use the nasty, pus covered gauze again and again!”
“LOL This Dr is trained to cut open living bodies, but a little pus flies at him and he jumps back like her abscess pulled a gun on him hahahaha,” another user commented.