Boy, Age 11, Opens Up About Why He Murdered 4-Year-Old In Cold Blood

There is something terribly wrong with our society when we have 11-year old children who kill other children. Why would an 11-year-old have so much anger or such a lack of control that they would kill another person? It happened in 2015 in Florida. The 11-year old had a history of choking children.

He would also be seen carrying around dead farm animals. According to police, this same 11-year-old strangled a 4-year-old boy to death.

The police asked him why he did it and his answer was that he had gotten upset because his mother didn’t have enough money to buy him presents for his birthday.

In his anger, he strangled 4-year-old Brayden Anthony Trahern. Brayden and the 11-year-old lived with their mothers in the same mobile home.

Brayden’s mother has been identified as Kyra Trahern, 23. The mother of the 11-year old is Vanessa Jones. Brayden was found by a male guest in the morning.

After finding Brayden slumped over, he tried to revive him and called 911. The police found suspicious bruises around Brayden’s neck.

The boy was pronounced dead two days later at Gainesville hospital. The 11-year-old, at the time, faced charges of aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm.

Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary Mike Carroll stated that the family had issues with incarceration, molestations, beatings, homelessness, and prostitution.

After six months in custody, the older boy was released from Florida Palms Academy, which is an inpatient psychiatric program for juveniles.

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