Family Event Turns Tragic In Blink Of An Eye. 22 Days Later, Doctors Are Baffled By Miracle

It was a fun family gathering for the Fourth of July complete with festive food and fireworks when all of a sudden, the evening took a terrifying turn. Paul, his wife Ginger and their family had gathered at Paul’s mom’s home in Texas when he left the group to retrieve a flashlight from his truck. It was very dark and Paul cautiously navigated his way to the vehicle. But on the way back to the gathering, he started feeling funny. He sat down in a chair and began violently shaking, then made retching sounds. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t even get up out of the chair.

That’s because Paul had been bitten by a snake while he was walking back to the group. Paul’s entire body ached and he quickly passed out. They loaded him up and headed to the closest highway to meet an ambulance. But Paul had already gone into cardiac arrest. His mom and wife were frantically praying, begging with God to save Paul’s life. Upon arriving to the hospital, the medical team noted that Paul’s skin was varying colors because his heart wasn’t beating properly and carrying blood to his extremities.

Physicians administered anti-venom medication, but Paul remained in critical condition. Paul was transported to another hospital an hour away and his family was told he might not make it. Dr. Meador said it’s because a snake bite causes a “rapid onset of anaphylactic shock.” But his wife Ginger said she called upon God because she knew “nothing is impossible for Him.” When Paul arrived at the second hospital, it was discovered that he had sustained liver damage, his kidneys quit working, his colon had shut down and a section of his small intestine needed to be removed. The family was told to expect the worst. Paul was put into a medically induced coma and a prayer chain had been started that spread across the country thanks to social media. Learn what happened next and how prayer became the medicine that Paul needed.