Husband Shares Wife’s Crazy Grocery List, Her Requirement For Potatoes Has Us In Stitches

My wife is a very picky eater. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. And because she is so passionate about food, she loves quality ingredients and food that tastes good. I remember one time when she was not happy with her Panera Bread sandwich. For the rest of the day, she was fuming and no matter what I said, I couldn’t get her to calm down. While my wife may be picky about food, when you see the grocery list this woman wrote for your husband, you’ll realize that she is much fussier than average. Written with such pain-staking detail, you’ll laugh out loud when you see the list that this woman sent her husband to the grocery store with. It is totally outrageous. Check this out now!

Apparently she doesn’t trust her husband in the grocery store. But because she didn’t have time to go this week, she wrote him a list. And she made sure it had every detail because “when I first sent him to buy vegetables it was an epic fail.”

To show the lengths she goes to for her food, an Indiana woman named Era Golwalkar, 29, shared the photo of her grocery list that she gives to her 31-year-old husband Gaurav.

The two-page list is complete with drawings of the ideal vegetable shapes so he won’t get confused and buy the wrong thing.

Because her husband is so bad at shopping, Era decided to share the image of the list on social media. And little did she know, but thousands of people could commiserate with her experience. More wives started coming forward to talk about how bad their husbands are at shopping for the household. And they only wish they had enough time to create the kind of grocery list Era can for her husband.

“When I first sent him to purchase vegetables, it was an epic fail and an argument ensued between us. The second time was no better. Nor the third,” Era told the BBC.

Now she sends her husband to the grocery store with a two-page list complete with drawings of the perfect vegetables.