She’s Out Of Wrapping Paper, Her Quick Solution Is Elegant And Trendy

The holiday season is often hectic, even though it doesn’t have to be. Try out these tricks from “What’s Up Moms” to help your Christmas stay merry and stress-free.

It’s amazing how during the most joyful time of year – there can be a lot of stress! Well, fortunately it doesn’t have to be so chaotic, as long as you are willing to think outside of the box. Here are some of What’s Up Moms tips… Don’t you hate it when you are wrapping presents and you run out of paper? Instead of heading to the store, use tin foil, paper bags, or even art paper (which your kids can decorate themselves!). Speaking of presents… Store your ribbon on a paper towel roll holder to keep it accessible and organized.

If you are having troubles watering your live Christmas tree, than try out this hack. Take an empty wrapping paper roll and pour the water through it. Or, if you drop an eggshell in your bowl while making cookies – just wet your finger for an easy removal! Did you forget to chill your champagne bottle? No worries, just wrap it in a wet paper towel and stick it in the freezer for ten minutes. It’ll come out ice cold and ready to go! For more amazing tips, be sure to watch the video from What’s Up Moms.