So Far No One Who Watches Video Can Explain What Happened To The Car. Look Closely

In the first few moments of this footage, your eye will think it’s been deceived. And you wouldn’t be wrong to think that. As you’ll see when you press play, a car suddenly disappears as it drives down the highway. This doesn’t seem to be an optical illusion or a trick of the light. It really just seems to get zapped off the highway as if by a magic spell. You’ll have to look again to see that it really did. And maybe you’ll look again. And again because it really is so unreal.

But on April 5, 2014, video footage captured the moment a car suddenly disappeared on the highway. It doesn’t reappear, and no other cars seemed to have noticed.

The footage revisits the scene in slow motion. And as you’ll see, a white light seems to come and “scoop up” the car from the road. It simply zaps it away from this dimension entirely.

The writeup on, where the video was posted back in 2014 and received nearly 2 million views at the time of this writing, describes the situation as follows:

“A CCTV highway camera captures a bizarre moment featuring a speeding car disappearing without a trace. This is the last think you would expect to see on a video recording of a highway. The way the car disappeared is quite odd. It looks like it has been zapped away. This reminds us of an alien invasion where the alien spaceship attacks people from down below. This is probably not the case in this situation! Most of us aren’t experts, but it’s pretty safe to say that some editing was involved in this clip.”

As the video description claims, editing was probably conducted. Some people still want to believe it was an alien abduction.

“Even if editing was done, this is still very impressive. It is still surprising to see the car vanish. Imagine if this did occur and there was no editing, the cars around the car that vanished would be in complete shock, it might even have caused an accident. Police would definitely be visiting the scene if this occurred. Either way, this is an exciting video to watch.”

It is impossible to explain what happened unless we were there at the scene. Because this video footage is all we have, we’ll have no way of knowing if it was doctored and edited to become a conspiracy. Or was it really just an alien abduction? Many conspiracy theorists lean toward that explanation.

Recently, another car had a strange occurrence on the road. While it was driving into an intersection, another vehicle seemingly materialized out of nowhere. Even if you watch the footage again and again, it is impossible to tell if the car teleported or if it was simply disguised in a trick of the light. Either way, optical illusions like this are very interesting and can easily be discussed for hours.

What do you make of the footage below? Did the car disappear or was this just a good editing job?