Soldier Goes On Leave To Meet Newborn Daughter, Walks In Hospital Room And Freezes In Place

Jake and Chelsea Osborne found out in September that their lives were about to change. As a military wife, Chelsea Osborne was used to her husband missing important events that occur in the family. Month after month passed by while Chelsea hoped Jake’s return would come soon – this time for a very important reason. Only one month after Jake and Chelsea learned they were expecting their first child, Jake was deployed and was expected to be gone for months.

Jake spent every day after that imagining the journey his wife was taking on without him. As the baby’s birth drew nearer, it became increasingly apparent that he would not be home in time to be by Chelsea’s side. Instead, Chelsea put on a brave face and planned to go into labor without him, with the support of Jake’s sister and her family. Without any way of knowing Chelsea’s situation, Lieutenant Jake’s commander approached him with news. Suddenly, he was told by his commander to pack his bags.

“Within two days they had me on a flight,” said Jake. On the way home, Jake got the call from Chelsea that turned his world upside down – which is evident in the way he reacted at the hospital. With a tear in her eye, Chelsea placed baby Paisley into Jake’s arms for the first time and there’s nothing more heartwarming. Watch Jake stand speechless as he marvels at the beautiful bundle in his wife’s arms – just prepare to grab a tissue!