Teenager Nearly Decapitated After Earphone Cord Sliced Through His Neck In Bike Crash

We see people all the time walking the street with their earbuds in. We have our music or movies or games with us at all times. But, sometimes, it is good to put all those distractions down and focus on the task at hand. Bradley Willoughby, 16, learned the hard way that you shouldn’t wear earbuds under your motorcycle helmet.

The teen, from Queensland, was practicing jumping while riding his motorcycle on his family’s farm. His last landing was awkward, and the throttle on his bike was damaged.

Bradley lost control and slammed into a barbed wire fence. His stomach was opened up by the barbed wire, and his ankle was dislocated.

Not only that but the earphones he was wearing got wrapped around his throat and he was almost decapitated. The earphone cord cut deep into his neck. Bradley’s dad was able to rip the earphone cord out.

Bradley was rushed, via helicopter, to Cairns Hospital. No one ever thought that a simple pair of headphones could do such damage. But they are thin wires of copper metal and can cause serious damage.

As you can see from the pictures of Bradley’s neck wound. Bradley has had two operations since his accident. He had to get two screws and a plate to fix his leg, and the other surgery was to repair his neck.

Bradley’s mom said that it will take months for him to recover. They are telling this story to spread the word about how dangerous earphone cords can be.