In 2013, a rare event took place. Over Memorial Day weekend, Guillermina Garcia gave birth to three baby girls and two baby boys at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. The children were named Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando and Jordan. All of the babies were healthy, but they needed to stay at the hospital for six weeks to receive care. Their doctor expects that they will live healthy lives. The favorable prognosis is due to the fact that the babies stayed in the womb for 7 weeks longer than most other quintuplets. That is why mom’s giant belly was covered in bruises.

Guillermina Garcia was 34 when the babies were born. Women over the age of thirty are more likely to have a pregnancy of multiples. Multiple pregancies also cause more strain on a mother’s body, and Ms. Garcia had marked bruising on her stomach for much of her pregnancy. This bruising is caused by broken blood vessels under the skin, which was worsened by the pressure on Ms. Garcia’s abdomen. Many women have reported bruising caused by something as simple as clothing rubbing against their skin.

A pregnancy of multiples carries with it some risk. Because of this, women having more than one baby at a time may need to go to prenatal checkups. These women must also undergo more medical testing than women expecting a single birth.

In this video, we share their journey. The video begins with an ultrasound where we can see the beating hearts of each child. We are even lucky enough to be in the delivery room when the babies enter the world. The video ends after we see the childrens’ father, wearing a hospital bracelet for each child, proudly taking pictures of the new additions to his family.