Wife Kept Nagging Husband To Show Bump To The Doctor. She Ended Up Saving His Life

Nag. Nag. Nag. It gets annoying sometimes to have someone tell you over and over to do something – right? But listening to them may be better than having to hear “I told you so” later! Brian Walker, 43, had an unusual bump on his arm, He figured it was just a bug bite. But his wife, Helen, kept bugging him to go to the doctor.

When Brian refused to do anything about it, Helen scheduled an appointment for him – and it saved his life. The bump was not a bug bite it was an aggressive form of cancer called inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT).

There were only four other cases of this cancer reported in the world before Brian. Soon the cancer spread to other parts of his body, it was taking over. Brian was scheduled for surgery.

The small bump on his arm had grown to be about the size of a brain, and it was leaking fluid. During the surgery, the doctors had to remove healthy skin and muscle tissue to get the massive tumor out.

The size of the wound was so, large doctors had to use skin from Brian’s back to cover it up. Here are the before and after images. Brian admits he is glad that he finally went to the doctor. Helen is also pleased – as you can imagine!

Please do nag your loved ones about medical issues. Things could have been a lot worse for Brian if he hadn’t listened to his wife. Share away, people.