Mother Almost Loses Legs As They Rot From Common Habit Most Women Have

Dana Sedgewick has shared her story to help prevent it from happening to someone else. She almost lost a leg after developing an infection caused by a cut from a razor. Some of the images below are graphic. Dana shaved her pubic area with a new razor and nicked herself.

Very soon afterward, she had a red rash that turned black because she had contracted the flesh-eating infection known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Even though the doctors removed all of the rotting skin, Dana developed sepsis and was put in a coma. Dana’s family was told she had only a 30% chance of survival.

Dana suffered kidney failure, and her heart stopped four times – but she did survive. Seeing her legs for the first time was shocking.

Most of the muscle had rotted away, and there was a crater near her groin. Dana spent six weeks recovering in the hospital and underwent 21 surgeries over the next four years! The surgeries were all to help improve the appearance of her legs.

Dana was lucky to have her husband, Matthew, by her side throughout the entire ordeal. According to the CDC, necrotizing fasciitis is a bacterial skin infection that can kill the body’s soft tissue.

An accurate diagnosis, prompt treatment, and surgery are necessary to stop the infection before it becomes life-threatening.

Your chances of developing this disease are decreased if you have a healthy immune system and practice good hygiene and wound care.

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