Parents Share Grave Warning Regarding Popular Children’s Makeup Kit

Products for children are lots of fun, but sometimes, the materials used during the manufacturing process are questionable at best. For Kylie and Tony Cravens from Georgetown in Illinois, it’s a toy like this that opened their eyes to the dangers of certain ingredients.

The Cravens’ 3-year-old daughter Lydia was enjoying her toy makeup kid purchased from Family Dollar. It wasn’t the first time she’d used a product like this, so her parents thought it would be fine.

But after applying them to her face, Lydia suffered a severe allergic reaction that caused blisters to appear all over her body and had to be admitted to a hospital. Her eyes swelled shut, her entire body became covered in a rash, her skin felt like it was burning, and her lips were so cracked she could barely eat.

Lydia’s mom posted about this incident and cautioned parents to please be careful about the products they purchase and to be knowledgeable about ingredients. According to them, six of the chemicals used inside the makeup toy were known allergens.

A few days later, her father posted too, something he rarely ever did and expressed how much he hated hearing her cry and scream and seeing her suffer. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Family Dollar store reported that they did not hear about the incident directly from the Cravens.

They said that they test all products before selling them and that they had retested the offending makeup toy after the incident occurred but found no toxic components within them. They also stated they have not received any other complaints.

Luckily, Lydia has been recovering slowly and is getting better and smiling more and more every day. Hopefully, this kind of incident won’t happen again. To parents out there, please do be careful about the ingredients and materials used in your kids’ toys!