Couple Married For 65 Years Is Asked For Marriage Advice, Answer Has Internet In Stitches

If anyone is qualified to give marriage advice, it’s certainly a couple who has been happily married for 65 years. We’ve all seen those little old couples who speak on each other’s behalf and complete each other’s sentences. That has a tendency to happen after you’ve lived with someone for so long. When a couple embarks on raising a family together, they are making the ultimate commitment of love and if they are the right match, they will be able to reminisce long after their children and grandchildren have grown.

When one couple was approached by a wedding videographer, they didn’t hold back from offering up some quality advice. Normally when a sweet older couple is asked for marital advice, they respond with the usual answers like “have open communication, be honest, and have fun together.” But, this couple told it like it is.

It all starts off with the videographer approaching the couple and asked them how long they’ve been married for. When they share that they’ve been married for 65 years, the videographer asks “What kind of marriage advice to you have to give after 65 years?”

The wife, knowing that her husband has trouble hearing, leans into her husband’s ear to report the question. The couple starts out by sharing the usual responses…compromise, being a loving partner and raising a family, etc.

Then, the best part comes when the videographer asks if there is any spark left after 65 years.

And, without much of a question, the husband says…”I don’t think so.”

He doesn’t end there though and he goes on to say…”I haven’t tried in a few years.”

The videographer asks the couple if they can end it with a kiss. The wife leans in and tries to kiss her husband in what turns out to be quite an awkward exchange.

To make matters even more awkward, the husband says…”What’s going on here?”

When the wife finally gets through to the husband that they need to end it on a kiss, he says, “Oh I see,” and lets her take his chin in for a solid smooch.

This couple is an inspiration to people of all ages…

“I wish after a desperate endeavor, my future husband and I will be like them… Married for 65 years and still falling in love with each other. I bet the elderly couple was good looking back in their youth, just look at them aging gracefully. The elderly husband has dimples too.”

“Wow, very inspiring video! Thanks for sharing! For all the ones who sacrifice for love and do everything for love, continue being inspired! For those who have none, keep looking and be inspired! You will soon find the right one!”

“I love this. They are so comfortable with each other. They obviously don’t kiss that much anymore, but they still seem to like it, and you can see all the love they have for each other. I love love love to see how elderly couples act around and care for each other. The way she repeats things for him, the way he still makes her laugh.”