Mom Took The Dog For A Walk. When She Heard This Popping Sound She Screamed At The Top Of Her Lungs

While out for a walk with her daughter’s beloved Chihuahua, Rochelle Pearson heard a popping sound. It was loud. And she felt a whoosh of air along with the sound. Then she heard a thud. The dog, Princess, suddenly started to bleed from the face. And within five minutes, the beloved pet was dead. Thankfully an off-duty cop was in the area and witnessed the horror unfolding and has been able to catch the person who killed the puppy.

The animal murderer was 19-year-old Johansen Concepcion De La Ros. He had stationed himself so he could be a sniper and kill harmless animals walking through the top. Because the off-duty officer was present, Concepcion De Las Ros was apprehended. And he was charged with felony animal cruelty for the violence he committed against the tiny dog.

The gunman used a pellet rifle, which was powerful enough to kill Pearson’s eight-year-old daughter’s puppy. Concepcion De Las Ros was on a balcony and looking for trouble, so he aimed the pellet gun at the tiny dog and pulled the trigger.

The violent crime occurred on Saturday night in Davie, Florida. The popping sound came first. Then the blood started to pour from the puppy’s face.

Princess, the Chihuahua, was only eight-months-old. She weighed just six pounds when Concepcion De Las Ros killed her with his pellet gun.

At the time of the crime, Pearson was in shock. She did not understand what happened to her daughter’s dog. The canine just started bleeding and dying right in front of her. After Concepcion De Las Ros fired the shot, Princess was killed in a matter of minutes.

Thankfully, off-duty police officer Miguel Osorio of Pembroke Pines was driving by when Concepcion De Las Ros took out the pellet rifle and killed the animal. He saw the 19-year-old on the balcony with the black rifle.

Officer Osorio watched as Concepcion De Las Ros took a knee and aimed for the Chihuahua’s face. The teen told police officers that he did not mean to kill the dog. He blamed Princess, saying that she walked into his line of fire and that he was not aiming for her.

Concepcion De Las Ros has stuck to his story that the killing was an accident. But the teen was not alone when he killed the dog. A friend watched him do it and told police that Concepcion De Las Ros’s intention was far more sinister.

According to the friend, Concepcion De Las Ros said, “I’m going to shoot the dog.”

The friend heard the dog crying after the shot was taken. The friend has cooperated with police and helped them arrest Concepcion De Las Ros on charges of felony animal cruelty. He is now in Broward County Main Jail and is held on bail of $10,000. If convicted, he could face as many as five years in prison for the crime.

Pearson tried to save Princess. She rushed her to the animal hospital, but the dog was pronounced dead. The pellet had traveled through Princess’s tiny body and killed her.