Almost Everyone Agrees That This Is The Worst Case Of Child Abuse.

This young couple in the picture are from Ashville, Alabama. They are Marion Austin Dycus, 20, and Jordan Lanie Swenson, 19. The couple was arrested on May 3, 2016, for torturing their young twins (a girl and a boy). The babies had been born in January, and just four months later, they were taken to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

She was suffering from respiratory distress too. The little boy had several fractured ribs and bruising to his face and head. All of the injuries were consistent with abuse and torture.


What kind of a parent bites their child on the face? During their arraignment hearing, Dycus and Swenson were both held on bonds of one million each.

They remained in custody.  St. Clair County District Judge Alan Furr, at a later hearing, ordered that they will not be allowed to see their children or even come into contact with any person under the age of fifteen.  Social media has been buzzing with comments about the parents and what their fate should be.

Judge Furr sent the case to a Grand Jury to consider the indictments.

These two should be locked away for a very long time. Life doesn’t seem like it would be too unfair.

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