If You Have Red Bumps On Your Arms And They Annoy You, This Is A Simple Way To Make Them Go Away

Not every person is anticipating the mid year months. Different people are afraid of the searing warmth of the sun. Wearing swimsuits isn’t something that the greater part of us are OK with doing on because of our uncertainties, particularly our skin. Fortunate to those individuals who have “Victoria’s Secret” model bodies, yet for the those who have issues with their skin, seeing those red dots on your arms and backs can be maddening during these occasions.

So what are these red bumps on our skin? Let us go ahead and find out!

Keratosis Pilaris

This is a very common, harmless skin condition. Keratosis Pilaris causes tiny pink or red dots that appear on our skin and can be usually found on our upper arms, buttocks, and thighs. The bumps can be a little itchy at times but many people are concerned about these reddish bumps on their skin that other people say feels similar to a sandpaper.

Causes Of Keratosis Pilaris

This skin problem is caused by keratin build up. The keratin protects your skin from infections but if there is too much buildup, it will block the hair follicles and will cause these bumps. This gets worse when the weather is hot and dry and more problematic for individuals with naturally dry skin. Individuals who have eczema notice these outbreaks too but it is more common among children, teenagers, and those who are having problems with their weight. Those people with Celtic ancestry will also have these bumps appear in their arms.

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

This skin problem has no cure but there is always a way to reduce the frequency of Keratosis. According to a dermatologist, they may be able to prescribe a topical cream to help remove the dead skin cells to make the pores less clogged by the keratin produced by the body. The topical cream usually contains lactic acid to help remove everything that may cause Keratosis. Dermatologists also suggest a microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and also retinol creams but these can cause redness and irritation depending on how your skin reacts to these products.

Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedies

Exfoliate. This is the most important skin care regimen that you can do to make sure that you prevent the Keratosis from reappearing. You can use a gentle natural scrub to help you remove the dead skin. This will also open the follicles and release the trapped hairs that cause the bumps.

Vitamin A. Vitamin A can help improve your skin health. It is known to be effective with acne and also with Keratosis. To reduce inflammation, apply the liquid that you get from a capsule and use it as a topical lotion. Rub it on the affected areas but make sure that you stay out of the sun because this can make your skin extra sensitive.

Diet Adjustments. If you are not comfortable with using the products mentioned above, all you have to do is make sure that you stay hydrated. Drink lots of fluid while supplementing it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can also help maintain the skin’s moisture.

Keratosis Pilaris isn’t a hazardous skin issue yet this can extraordinarily influence you in the event that you are a socially active individual. On the off chance that you are uncertain of the home remedies that you want to attempt, you can also converse with your dermatologist first to ensure that you are protected and free from any unfavorably susceptible responses.