Mom Secretly Works Two Jobs, But When She Calls In Sick, Boss Decides To Visit Her House

Cassie Camilo, 35, first lost her mother and then went through a painful divorce. She was having a very hard time paying her bills and taking care of her two children.

Then Camilo made the difficult decision to leave her children behind and move to the United States.

She heard she could make good money and send it back to her children in Brazil.

Camilo worked two jobs one, as a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant, owned by Peter DeRosa.

DeRosa and Camilo became friends, and she told him about her kids in Brazil.

One day, Camilo called in sick, and DeRosa decided to go to her home and check up on her.

He knew that she had been having a hard time and wanted to make sure she was okay.

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Understandably DeRosa was shocked when he saw just how sick Camilo was.

If anyone needed an angel, it was Camilo and DeRosa was that angel.

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