One Simple Mistake Changed Her Life Forever, Now She Warns Others On Importance Of Tying Hair Back

Woman Shared Important Reason To Tie Hair Before Checking On A Vehicle

Women of this generation are now as powerful and as skillful as men. Many women can now do a woman’s job, including car repairs and maintenance. But a woman who had firsthand experience about the dangers of fixing a car on her own became a motivation for her to share to the world why there are certain things that you have to take into consideration before popping the hood and checking for mechanical problems.

Alon Abare, a mother of four from New York wanted to save money when her car broke down. She was already having problems with her car, so like any other owner, she turned the car on, revved the engine, and popped the hood to start to inspecting everything that she sees in there. However, she had no idea that one simple mistake would put her life in danger.

A Mother Learned An Important Safety Lesson The Hard Way

Alon was already having a hard time with their family budget, and a trip to the auto-repair service center is not a good idea. She didn’t have the extra funds to spend for a mechanic visit. So she decided to check on her car herself. Maybe if she can single out the problem, she would have an idea what to do next. But when she popped the hood open and leaned under to inspect the engine, she did one mistake that would change her life forever.

She just wanted to glance around and see what’s causing the problem but instead, she put her life at risk. In a split second her head was shoved down and she felt the worst pain that she ever experienced in her life. “Without thinking, I reached in and when I did so, my hair got caught,” Alon shared with Inside Report. Her hair was caught in the fan belt and she can’t do anything to stop it. The engine is still running and the pain was beyond painful.

Luckily, her kids saw what happened and they came rushing towards her one at a time. It took two bits of help and in seconds, Alon was out of danger. Her son Sam showed how he bravely turned off the engine and Alon’s daughter Logan was armed with scissors that cut her hair to free her from the belt. According to Alon, “They were focused and they were driven, wanting to save their mom.”

Alon Abare – The Road To Recovery

Dr. Keimun Slaughter has been treating Alon’s injuries at the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery. According to her doctor, Alon needs to fully recover first before they can do a hair transplant. For the meantime, she‘s using wigs to hide her injuries. She tearfully shared that she can put on her wig and goes out and pretends like nothing has changed.

To show the world how dangerous it could be to lean under the hood of your car without tying your hair first, the Inside Edition team requested assistance from an auto expert Lauren Fix to do a short test. By putting a wig on a mannequin they want to see how fast the accident did went for Alon. As soon as they placed the mannequin under the hood while the engine is running, is split seconds, it was scalped!

Lauren Fix reminded everyone that the most important thing is to pull your hair back whenever you need to work on your vehicle. For Alon and the rest of the world who knew her story, this is an experience that will teach us the biggest lesson of our lives, SAFETY FIRST!