This Massive Dog Always Crowds His Owner’s Bed, So He Decided To Play A Trick On Him

Most dog owners treat their beloved four-legged bestie like a part of the family and having a little playful fun comes with the territory. A lot of dogs are allowed on their human’s bed, but what happens when the tables are turned? How would a dog react to his owner taking over his dog bed? One Great Dane’s owner decided to put this idea to the test.

Henry the Great Dane is massive in size, but he’s also a sweet, kind soul, as seen in this video from Henry’s owner, who decided to give the dog bed a try for his nap. After all, Henry’s bed is almost as big as any human’s!

The video was posted online and won over every dog lover, as Henry’s dad nestles into the pooch’s oversized bed and Henry is noticeably not so into the idea.

Henry gets in a low bark to let his owner know it’s time to move on, but his dad isn’t giving up so easily, with his mom saying, “Get him off your bed.”

When that warning doesn’t work, Henry paws at his owner, trying to move his legs and body before barking a little louder and with more urgency.

Then the dog escalates his efforts, giving some nudging with his head, but his owner pulls out a distraction and starts petting him, which takes Henry away from the task at hand for a moment.

Once the petting stops, however, the dog continues pawing and giving some playful nibbles, until his owner asks, “You want me to get up? Why don’t you say please?”

Finally, it’s mission accomplished! Henry booted his unwanted guest from his favorite resting spot… though it turned out he didn’t want to lay down on it himself.

Most people who viewed the video were won over by the playful prank and Henry’s gentle nature. Some commenters gave the dog a voice, with options such as “Great Dane: ‘Yo Bro, you’re in my bed, go sleep in your own’ and “At the end, Great Dane: ‘Thanks for getting up but I don’t wanna lay down anymore.’”

Others pointed out this sweet relationship, with one person noting: “This is a man who loves his great dane. Brought a smile to my face” and another commenter joking: “Uh Oh. Shaggy and Scooby are fighting again.”

One wise commenter pointed out this golden rule: “Doggy rule 101: What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine too.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “A dog’s bed belongs to the family dog. A human’s bed still belongs to the family dog. LOL! Even if it’s a little dog, the pooch would lay down in the middle of the bed.”

One person shared their experience with dog’s taking over whatever they want, noting: “Funny how that works. We had Goldens that had their own kiddy pool, as well as the big people pool. As soon as we humans went into their little pool they’d get out and stare at us, but when we were in the big pool, they were right there with us. I guess we should have gotten out and stared at them… Though they wouldn’t care at all… It truly is a dog’s life.”