Woman Reaching For Toilet Paper Gets The Scare Of Her Life

Australia has more than 23 varieties of possum. They are known to eat a healthy selection of plant life.

Toxins don’t normally bother them at all so they can eat more vegetation than the other creatures in the area.

Possums will eat just about any plant they come across, and they often will destroy an entire garden while feasting!

Possums are not picky about where they live either, they can be found all over Australia.

Sometimes, they will even sleep inside a roof and make a nice warm nest.

Parks Victoria is a beautiful area in Australia that is full of some of Mother Nature’s finest.

Australia is also known for having a unique array of wildlife, but as one park cleaner found out, possums are cute no matter which country they live in!

A possum had made itself a little home inside some toilet paper holder in Melbourne’s Yarra Bend Park.

Why not? It is dark, warm, and cozy!

The park employees quickly made the possum a more suitable shelter and moved him to his new home (all you can see is his tail in this shot)!

Just in case you were wondering, the possum in this story was a brushtail possum.

The brushtail possum looks more like a squirrel than a possum with its pointed face, pink nose, and bushy black tail.

The smallest possum living in Australia is called the pygmy possum – he looks more like a mouse! Isn’t he cute?!

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