12 Years After She Went Missing Police Find Her But She’s In A Strange Disguise

This bitter story definitely had a proper ending.

At some point in the life of everyone, we will all need to come face to face with some difficult trials and challenge. However, at the very same time, God is so gracious that he is able to shower us with the kind of love and affection and at the same trials, he uses these trial as a means of helping us to learn and become better versions of ourselves.

Although it could admittedly take a lot of time sometimes, the people who choose to take the path the Lord are never denied justice, as long as they stick to His ways and always go to Him for divine help add miraculous assistance.

This father waited for 12 years before he could be reunited with his beloved daughter, and the wonderful way through which God helped him to find his daughter shows us that God is truly powerful, and there is truly nothing too impossible for him to do.


Sabrina Allen was just about to celebrate her fifth birthday in April of 2002 when suddenly, she disappeared without a trace.

Sabrina had actually been taken by her mother, who was not her primary custodian. Her parents had separated, and the legal system recognized her father as her legal custodian. Still, her mother took her one weekend for her usual visit and while she was supposed to be reunited with her father Greg Allen (who was recognized by law as her legal custodian) after the turn of the weekend, she never was.

Greg knew that something was wrong, so he began the process of looking for his daughter. This arduous search went on and on for years and it didn’t seem like he was making any headway, even though he hired a private investigation and offered a cash reward of $20,000 to anyone who could find her or provide any useful information that could lead to her rescue.

However, despite the arduous nature of this search, one thing that Greg never lost was his hope. He knew that he was going to eventually find her, and he kept at his efforts for as long as he was humanly able to.

For everyone out there reading this and who has hope in their heats, I want you to know that God is definitely gin to provide you with His support and divine assistance. Due to the fact that Sabrina had now turned 17years old and her mother underwent a wide array of plastic surgery procedures in order to change her appearance, it had been almost impossible for anyone to find the two of them. The tortured girl had a rough time living with her mother all these years as well, as she was not living a normal life that befitted a teenager.

Her mother died her access to normal education, and she made her live in her bedroom for most of her life.

Still though, God was sure to intervene in the mater, and they girl was eventually found out. All is well now as the daughter and her father have been effectively reunited.

This story just goes to prove one thing; regardless of how difficult or hopeless a certain situation that you are going through might seem, never lose hope in God. He is ever faithful, and He will help you out.