14-Year-Old Surrendered Shelter Cat Spots A Woman And Begs Her To Take Her Home

This stunning 14-year-old cat was surrendered to a shelter when her owner developed health issues.

She couldn’t care for the Himalayan cat any longer and had to give her up. This is Miss Molly.

Miss Molly was in the care of the Animal Rescue League of Boston at the Cape Cod Branch.

Miss Molly waited at the shelter for two months. Miss Molly is a no nonsense kind of cat.

One day when a young woman came to visit the shelter, Miss Molly decided she wanted to go home with her.

It turned out to be okay, because the young woman, Olivia C. had seen Miss Molly’s profile on Petfinder and had some to see her.

Olivia wanted to help an older cat.

She didn’t want Miss Molly to live the rest of her life at a shelter.

Olivia remembers that Miss Molly was sleeping on the highest shelf in the enclosure.

When Olivia came closer, Miss Molly jumped down and came right over to say hello.

There was no way Olivia was going to say no once Miss Molly started to purr and rub all over her!

Even though Miss Molly was showing early signs of kidney disease, Olivia was going to take her home!

Miss Molly made herself at home.

Some of Miss Molly’s favorite pastimes are chasing the red laser dot and throwing hair ties up into the air!

Miss Molly is a happy girl – and so is Olivia! You can keep up with Miss Molly on Instagram.

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[h/t LoveMeow]