320-Pound Woman Changes Two Small Habits, Loses 170 Pounds; Looks Unrecognizable

About 18 months ago, Jessica Beniquez did a few things every day that thousands of Americans do. She would spend hours binge-watching her favorite Netflix television shows and ate fast food every day. While she was having fun with these pastimes, they were detrimental to her health. Little did she know that if she got up and moved around a bit more and ate more healthfully, she’d be able to look the way she wanted. You see, Jessica weighed more than 320 pounds and was unhappy with the way she looked.

She wanted to look more like the girls she saw in the magazines and on television, but if she kept eating fast food and binge-watching Netflix shows, she’d never been able to live her dream. That’s when 19-year-old Jessica made a decision that will forever inspire her moving forward.

“All I did was eat, go to work, and watch my shows,” she said.

When Jessica finally made a decision to change, it was early 2016. Instead of quitting on her commitment to herself, she really did make the changes she needed to make.

First, Jessica quit eating fast food. Instead, she went for healthier alternatives that wouldn’t pack on the pounds but help burn it away. These included foods high in protein and high in fiber. She started reading food labels and avoided choices that had added sugar choosing instead to buy more natural and healthy options.


After she got the dietary change down pat, she started to increase her amount of exercising. She broke up with Netflix and started doing workouts instead. She walked more and logged onto YouTube to do free workouts. And eventually, she was healthy enough to start hitting the gym. And the decision to go there was the hardest of all. She was terrified.

She has documented the changes in her body on Instagram. And now that she has lost more than 170 pounds, she admits that the gym is her “happy place.”

See her transformation in the video below!

Making the decision to eat healthier and exercise more was the pivotal moment in Jessica’s life. She has never looked back from that moment of decision. Instead, her new way of life defines her.

“My name is Jessica and I’m 21,” she wrote in a recent Instagram caption. “I’m 5’4 and I have lost over 170 lbs with diet and exercise. Starting at over 320 lbs and currently between 145-148. There were and still are obstacles that get in the way, but that’s just the way it is and I have to deal with it. Did I let me give up? NEVER.”

Jessica couldn’t be happier.

“I have dedicated my life to fitness and I have learned to love it when before I started this journey, I would dread just walking to the bus stop that was not even a 5 min walk.”

Because she followed through with her commitment, she is proud of the woman she has become. And although she is still very young, she has lost the weight that she wanted.

See her transformation in the video below!

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