Actor Takes Photo With Fan, The Next Morning He’s Getting Calls About Embarrassing Mistake

What with all the celebrities in the world, you might just run into one and never know who they were. If you are not a fan of rock music you may find yourself in a bus with the entire Daughtry crew and not recognize any one of them. Imagine taking a photo with Beyoncé and not knowing who she was. Well, that would be impossible – even the pope knows her.

But Britney Spears. That face has been around for as long as some of us can remember. Ironically, one Ed O’Neil did not seem to recognize her as he took a photo with the elated fan.

Ed was minding his business at the airport as he waited for his flight to Hawaii when a pretty young woman approached him. She introduced herself and they engaged in a short polite conversation. She requested a photo and he gladly put on his signature hat. The two snapped the moment away and when she left, he forgot almost all about it.

When Britney got back to her place, she posted the photo immediately on her Twitter account. She could not wait to let the world know that she had met her favorite actor. The pictured was shared widely and it got thousands of likes. All the while, Ed was blissfully enjoying time in Hawaii.


As one would expect, Ellen DeGeneres came across the photo and did not waste a moment. She invited Ed to her show and began taunting him in her usual jovial manner. The man answered with an equal amount of humor and laughed at his mistake. He was not sorry that he did not recognize Britney, and he admitted that he was not quite the pop culture fan.

As the show began, Ellen asked her about his role in Finding Dory and he gave a humorous encounter on how he landed the role of the Octopus. Ellen found him quite funny.

As the talk carried on, Ellen reminded him of the encounter with Britney. The photo was displayed on the large screen behind him and everyone laughed. He then recounted how she had approached him while he was waiting to board his plane. He did not recognize her at all.

Much later when the photo had received thousands of likes, his manager approached him and showed it to him. Only then did he know that he had just taken a photo with an equally (or even more) famous fan; Britney Spears.

Ed called Britney’s manager and had a good chat about it. Ellen commented about his look at the photo and everyone laughed because no one would have the same look when taking a photo with the celebrity.

This is not the first time that celebrities do not know other celebrities, or cannot recognize them. In fact, the same Britney Spears could not remember meeting Taylor Swift, and could not tell who Colton Haynes was. Mariah Carey once admitted (and maintains) that she does not really Jennifer Lopez.

In an even more embarrassing encounter, Jerry Seinfeld was at the red carpet when Kesha approached him excitedly, telling him how much she loved him. The comedian bluntly refused to hug and did not recognize her even when the reporter let him know that it was Kesha.