Adopted Boy Prays For Parents Who Adopted Him And God Just Answered Him

Cole and Jordan Dickerson knew that they wanted to become parents in the future. Having a family of their own was something that they always dreamed of having. But fostering kids has always been a part of their life long plans.

This is why when Jordan learned that is a child who needed a loving family, she immediately asked Cole if there is a possibility that he could bring this kid inside their home and into their family. But before it happened, something happened. Fate seemed to have another plan for them.

Cole shared their inspirational story through his emotional post on Love What Matters. He explained how come instead of having one, they had two additional members of the family.

Cole wrote:


“My wife Jordan works at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. One day she told me there is the cutest little boy there right now. She said he’s only there because he doesn’t have a family to take care of him. It was only a couple of weeks later when I got a text while I was at work that said, ‘Babe, will you seriously pray and think about something?!’ Immediately my heart pounds because I knew this must be something serious on her heart.”

He also explained that they both talked about how passionate they were about adopting and how they desired to do it if they were given a chance. He added, “We talked, prayed, and decided to begin the foster parent classes that were required by the organization he was involved with. We talked with DCS and it seemed nearly impossible to begin the foster-to-adopt process for a specific child that you’re not yet related to.

During the process, another couple was given the chance to foster him and this affected them both emotionally. They already made a connection with the child and they were disappointed and upset at the same time because of what happened. Still, they continued with their classes to become future foster parents and true parents to any child someday.

Cole explained that while they were on their 1-year anniversary trip, Jordan’s coworker contacted her and said that Jeremiah was brought back to the hospital due to his medical reasons. The couple who initially fostered him will not be able to continue caring for him for unknown reasons.

June 2017 came and the couple finally was able to bring Jeremiah home. And on July 16, 2018, Jeremiah officially became a part of the family!

One night, the couple overheard Jeremiah’s prayer. He said, ‘Thank you God for God, for Jesus, for my Mommy and Daddy, and my baby sister in a couple of weeks, Amen.’

A couple of weeks later, everyone was surprised that Jeremiah’s wish came true!

He is going to be a big brother. Fast forward to today, Jeremiah was right about having a baby sister.