Armed Robbers Break Into House To Steal Baby And Meet The Family’s Two Pit Bulls

It is unfortunate that sometimes people act more like animals than animals themselves.

I wish this world was more peaceful, but that’s a far cry, to be honest.

Take a look at this story, for example.


A woman and her tiny baby were all alone at home when suddenly an armed couple broke into her house.

What did they want? Some money. But what they took instead? Her baby.

The woman grabbed the baby from her mother’s arms and immediately headed for the backdoor, only to be confronted by the family’s two pitbulls who wouldn’t let her pass!

Naturally the robbers were so intimidated by the dogs that the woman dropped the baby back into her mother’s arms and fled the house… empty-handed.

The mother suffered bruises, but thanks to her two pitbulls, she was reunited with her daughter and nothing serious happened!

These dogs deserve some serious treats!

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