Autistic Boy Confesses Dark Secret As Santa Grabs Him And Speaks 5 Words

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It’s easy for someone to internalize the idea that being different equals to being wrong, leading an individual to feel that their quirks and unique features are inherently bad.

For six-year-old Landon, this notion is a familiar one.

Recently, Landon and his family took a trip down to the RiverTown Crossings mall, located in Michigan, to visit everyone’s favorite generous, gift-giving, magical man: Santa Claus!

They took a cute family photo with Santa, but Landon didn’t want to go just yet. He had an important question for Saint Nick.

So Landon ran up to where the big bearded man was sitting. He looked quite nervous and his arms twitched as he started to speak.

He asked a question that had been plaguing his mind for a while: would his autism cause him to wind up on the naughty list?

He was so worried about offending or being disliked by Santa and his elves!

But Landon had nothing to worry about. Santa didn’t even hesitate before he answered, telling the young boy that he and his reindeer loved him very much!

He assured Landon that he was a good boy and said the amazing words that were all Landon needed to hear: that it was okay to be himself, and to be who he is with the conditions he has.

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