New Study Shows That Anyone Born In This Month Is Smarter Than Anyone Else

It sounds like something a bully would say to taunt his classmates. But a new study found that students born in a specific month are actually smarter than others. Once you read this article, you’ll have verified information to use as you argue with your siblings or your spouse. And if you’ve always felt smarter than everyone else in the room, the results of this study could prove that you were not crazy.

And if you’re born in one of the months that is not as smart, then you were just wrong all those years. While it is best to take this study with a grain of salt, it’s fun to read about test results like this. The study comes from the National Bureau of Economic Research. And they claim that students born in the month of September are smarter than the rest of us. I’ll admit (I was born in June), I’m pretty bummed that the intelligent month wasn’t mine.

Unless you were born in September, you’re probably ready to click off this story and read about something else. But don’t yet. The results of the study are quite intriguing, even for those who aren’t born in September. And for those of you who are? You’re lucky, and I’m sure you’re already reading furiously to learn more about your “superpowers.”

The exhaustive study examined the results of 1.2 million students from Florida. The population was between six and fifteen years old. And they were all born in different months. So don’t worry. Your month was certainly represented.


While I don’t know if these findings will inspire future parents to try extra hard to conceive in the month of December or January, it does show that those born in September have more time to learn and thus prepare for school. Because they are older and have more experience, they tested better in the study. Fair? Not really. But someone’s always going to come out ahead no matter how hard the system tries to make things fair.

Most states cut off the age requirement for kindergarten in August. That means those born in September must wait for the next year to join their classmates and learn. Therefore, these students get more time to live life and gain “real-world” experience so to speak.

The study found that students born in September had a higher yearly average for their marks in class than students born in August. And because the students born in August are the youngest ones in their class, it seems the system is working against them. It’s not so much that September students are smarter, but have more time to prepare for their studies.

Because September students get higher test scores, it builds through the years and puts them on track to increase chances of graduating high school and going to college.

Who knew that your birth year affected your career so directly?

The study also found that students born in September were less likely to commit crimes as juveniles. They’re better behaved, get better grades, and have a higher chance of success.