Can You Spot The Reason This Photo Of A Chicken Is Going Viral?

A mom will do anything to protect her kids. It doesn’t matter what the threat is, or how dangerous it may be. If there’s something to be done to help out their kids in any way, moms are going to do it. A recent viral video featuring a mother hen shows how this isn’t just a human thing – it’s universal!

Getting a perfect viral video means being in the right place at the right time. Thanks to smartphones, millions of additional people now have access to a camera 24/7. This moment might not have been caught on tape if not for that amazing development over the last 15 to 20 years.

A mother hen was caught on film standing in a rainstorm, with several baby chicks right below her. Mom’s wings are outstretched, protecting her tiny children from the cold, wet rain.

The mother hen isn’t worried about herself at all, simply taking on the rain like a champ. She doesn’t even seem affected by the downpour and she doesn’t flinch for a second.


Five babies below her were warm and safe, all thanks to her selfless actions. We could learn something from this inspiring mother hen!

“This video was taken at a local fish market when there was heavy rain,” the videographer wrote as a caption to this amazing clip. “We can see mother’s love in nature’s way. A hen protecting its chicks in heavy rain.”

Many of us forget just how much our mothers have done to support and nurture us throughout the years. Take a moment to remember how special your mother is, and if she isn’t around anymore celebrate how amazing she was.

The clip first went viral on Reddit, amassing hundreds of thousands of upvotes over the last few days. Most commenters couldn’t get over how cute and inspiring this mother hen in, even in such a heavy downpour. Her babies remain safe and dry, just like mom likes it.

One commenter outlined exactly why the mother knew it was so important to protect her chicks. They easily could have perished if not for her dedication.

“Sheltering them is critical because the chicks can easily die if they get chilled by cool rain. Normal body temperature for a chick is 107F (42C). Just seconds of direct rainfall can kill a small chick,” wrote SnickeringBear.

Mom knew just what to do, and not a single one of those chicks experienced any direct rainfall whatsoever. Moms seem to have an innate ability to know what their kids need, and mother hens are clearly no exception.

Some commenters questioned why the animals were forced to stand out in the cold in the first place. Why isn’t there a hen house for these poor animals to live in? Sadly, the question remains unanswered for now. Other commenters simply celebrated the chicken’s heroic actions, and sometimes it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

“Such a good mommy,” added one user.

“We ain’t got much, but we got each other,” added another.

“Good chicken moms are heartwarming to watch,” said ilovemrhandsome.

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