Cops Warn If You’re In A Parking Lot And A Car Is Flashing It’s High Beams Get Away As Fast As You Can

Lately, it seems like we aren’t safe anywhere. Criminals and thieves are constantly thinking up new ways to take advantage of innocent victims.

Luckily, some victims are able to avoid being harmed, and are able to warn other people of the latest atrocities that the deviant side of our society has come up with.

Take the case of a woman in South Carolina, who was sitting in her car at night in a store parking lot when she was suddenly blinded by the high-beam headlights of a car that quickly pulled into the parking space facing her car.

Before she could regain her vision, two men jumped out of the car and raced towards her.


They flanked both side of the car, trying to open the doors. Fortunately, the doors were locked, and they couldn’t get inside.

As the woman regained her composure, she was able to put the car in gear and get away safely, with the men hanging onto her door handles.

The victim didn’t notify the police because she wasn’t harmed and couldn’t identify the men because they wore hoodies obscuring their faces.

But, she was so frightened that she left the state to stay with her family.

When the victim’s friend heard the tale, she wanted to warn others of this potential life-threatening assault.

So, she took to social media and posted her friend’s story on Facebook. The attack happened so quickly, and so close to home, that it was especially terrifying.

While the police weren’t notified, they did learn of the incident, and launched their own investigation.

Rock Hill Police Department officer, Mark Bollinger, told the local news that the men, more than likely, wanted to get her out of the car so that they could steal it.

But, who knows what atrocities these criminals had in mind. Having her doors locked and being able to escape quickly may have saved this woman’s life.

The police department put out an official warning for the public to be aware of this latest crime and to be on the alert for any suspicious activity.

The police department went on to warn the public in general about the dangers of these types of incidents and the importance of contacting the local authorities anytime anything suspicious happens.

Social media is great for raising awareness, but only the police can catch the perpetrators.