Cops Warn Of Dangerous New Prank That Targets Anyone Who Shops At Walmart Is Spreading Quickly

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Thousands of people visit Walmart every single day all across the country. It is one of the safest places to do our grocery shopping but recently, a woman from Wadsworth, Ohio had a scary accident at Walmart when her husband was cut by a razor that was sticking out of the Walmart shopping cart! This incident happened at a Walmart that is located in the 200 Block of Smokers Drive.

Cheryl Johnson shared her story with Cleveland 19 News saying that while she and her husband Mel were shopping that night, her husband went to move an abandoned shopping cart out of the aisle. This is when he was cut by a razor that was sticking out of the shopping cart’s handle. She decided to take a picture of the blade and it was positioned upside down.

Luckily, her husband was only pricked by its edge. The couple immediately reported this to the Walmart staff and management and they also filed an incident report with the store. She says that this is something that might be happening nationally and she is just trying to alert Walmart customers that everyone should be mindful about the carts.

Walmart was reached for a comment and the corporate office did confirm that the incident at Wadsworth was true. There are razor blades stashed in Walmart shopping cart handles and this is happening all across the United States and to many retailers as well.

You might be wondering why someone would put razor blades under the handlebar of these shopping carts. The answer is very simple. Walmart Inc.

reports that shoplifters might be using this to cut a security tag and stash the blade in the cart handle to make it easier for them to avoid security cameras. They noticed that the blade is stashed with the sharp side facing into the handle to avoid harming other people.

This is not the first incident that something like this happened in Walmart.

Way back in 2015, a woman named Lisa Zimmerman from Dawson was shopping at her local Walmart when her son noticed something under the handles while using a wipe to clean its edges. Zimmerman said that her son told her that a metal was poking out of the handle. She discovered that it is indeed a long surgical razor blade embedded in the handle.

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