Dad Heads To Hospital For Birth Of Quintuplets, Doctors Inform Him There’s No Babies Inside Of Her

Expecting fathers are as excited as the mothers-to-be. Babies are blessings to a family and this is multiplied by five for a man and his girlfriend who are expecting quintuplets. This dad was too excited to meet his five newborns at the hospital only to find out that everything was just a result of make-believe.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than learning that your girlfriend is not really pregnant and this is more painful because they were not only expecting one, but five babies.

Paul Servat and Barbara Bienvenue met online one summer. After two months of dating, Barbara told him that she is pregnant and he would be a father soon. Although their relationship was just budding, Servat put all of his time, energy, and emotions to make sure that everything is prepared for their baby. However, things changed.

Barbara started telling him that she’s pregnant with twins. Then the twins became triplets, then it became quadruplets, and her final number is that Servat will be a father to quintuplets.


Five is such a big number when it comes to the number of babies during pregnancy but Servat remained positive. He was very excited about the pregnancy and the idea of raising five babies. He made sure that he will pick out each of the baby’s name. Even Servat’s parents were also excited to meet their grandchildren soon.

The time to deliver the babies came. Servat brought his girlfriend to the hospital but not long after they arrived, a nurse pulled this expecting father on the side to share the heartbreaking news. Blood tests show that Bienvenue was not pregnant and what’s worse is that they told Servat that his girlfriend was NEVER pregnant.

She did not need to be on labor and be brought to the delivery room. What she needed was psychiatric observation because of a phantom pregnancy.

This is what happened to Servats’ girlfriend.

A local resident who had triplets befriended her, shared tips about what to do and where to get financial help for her children once they are born. She shared that nobody knew that this was not real because even the way Bienvenue walks, she has the posture of a truly pregnant woman!

Bienvenue is now undergoing psychiatric treatment. She said, “I’ll return all these things to people who sent them or give them (away). I’m a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies.

” She was diagnosed with true pseudocyesis and this means that she actually believed that she was pregnant. This may have been a traumatic experience for Servat but many are hoping that he would one day experience the true joy of being a father.