Driver Stops To Grab This Elderly Man At A Bus Stop. Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed

It’s always heartwarming to see people helping others in need, but to see someone go above and beyond while on the job is very admirable. Surveillance cameras aboard a Milwaukee County Transit System bus caught the good deed in action, as bus driver Thaddaus Turner made a stop, then escorted a passenger from the bus and safely to the sidewalk. He wasn’t done, however.

The man, Gene Hubbard, is blind and, due to construction in the area, he couldn’t take his typical route across the street, because it was now blocked. Turner recognized the potentially dangerous situation and walked the man across the street safely.

Hubbard had been diagnosed with diabetes and went blind more than 20 years ago, but has a full-time job and commutes via public transportation. Despite being blind, he is able to live an independent lifestyle, and knows the maps, routes, and schedules that allow him to do so.

This construction, however, threw a wrench into the works, as Hubbard told Fox 6 Now: “If I don’t have a regular locating point to start from, I may as well be in the middle of the ocean.”


Turner noticed that Hubbard was worried about the construction and, without hesitation, stopped to get up from behind the wheel and get Hubbard on his path again.

Turner remarked: “I knew I had the traffic behind me stopped, because it’s only one-way through there. My concern was getting him across from the opposite direction.”

Hubbard, who has gotten a helping hand from many drivers, added: “I just can’t say enough about all the bus drivers.”

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the YouTube video of the moment were those who believe this kind of gesture should happen more often. One person remarked: “Kindness… WE should all practice this daily, life is too short and you never know when you will need the help one day!!”

Others shared comments of praise and encouragement, such as: “Not all heroes wear capes” and “If everyone would only take the time to look around, there’s people in need of help everywhere. Be kind to one another and be blessed.”

Among those who shared comments on the story on social media were those who praised the man and his parents as well, including: “We need so much more of this in the world! So proud of this young man (and the other bus drivers too!). Parents raising decent humans, kudos to you too!”

Another commenter was moved to tears, sharing: “Well that sure brought a tear to my eye after seeing the driver’s kindness! So glad that we still have people helping people!”

One person shared their own personal perspective on the matter, writing: “I am a bus driver, and I do the same thing every day. There are only a few drivers that actually care for the customers.”

Another person explained how they’ve seen similar assistance in action, writing: “We have a vision impaired gentleman in our neighborhood and I have observed our city bus drivers helping him across the street at the stops to make sure he is safe.”