Elvis’ Final Performance Was Rarely Seen Until Now, Listen To The Chillingly Beautiful Song Here

Whether or not you are a fan of rock and rock, there’s no denying that Elvis Presley was one of the most talented performers to ever grace the planet. Up until the day he died, his showmanship never wavered. In this rarely before seen video, he sings a classic favorite with such intensity and passion that many people consider it to be the best show of his life.

As he sits behind the piano, Elvis belts out a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Unchained Melody” to a crowd in Rapid City, South Dakota. Not only is it one of his best shows, but it is his last show ever recorded – the King Of Rock And Roll died a mere 6 weeks later. Watch his chilling performance, as he passionately sings the classic like you’ve never heard before.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Elvis’ music, this performance is a must-see. The beautiful song combined with Presley’s intense passion makes for an absolutely unforgettable experience – one that could very well turn you into a fan for life. Get ready to feel chills throughout your body as you listen to the King Of Rock And Roll’s final, most breathtaking performance.

Elvis Presley – Unchained Melody 1977

Note: Guys, please be polite, Elvis loved you, his heart was filled with love of his fans and people! He had to take painkillers to make it through a live show, and even his doctors wanted to cancel this show, he said: “No, no way I will cancel this show and let those people down!”- he instructed his doctors to give him anything that will make him through this show and to be able to make the best of his performance in that time. So, they agreed and gave him a cocktail of painkillers and steroids to be able to do the best possible performance! And God knows he did it, his talent came through the clouds of painkillers and sang his love above any drugs! No pills could put his love and talent down and will for singing to his fans that he admired so much! More than his own life! Elvis was a beautiful human being and there will be no other but him always!