Extra-Long Toenails Are The Latest Fashion Trend

This summer you’re bound to see people rocking the latest trend in nails. And when you learn more about what is popular, you’ll realize that this is a summer nail look that you’re not going to be able to miss. Although women have been doing amazing things with their nails for decades – and perhaps even longer – this new nail look certainly looks interesting, albeit a bit… devilish.

Long nails are popular this summer. You’re seeing them on women of all shapes and sizes. But in 2019, women seem to be taking this nail trend up a notch and taking it to new ground that is a bit worrying for others. Is it going too far? Some people fear that it is.

While acrylics are in, some women are filing them down to points, so they resemble demon or bird talons. While a bit of extra length can be subtle and very pretty, this new trend can be a bit terrifying. Because people are getting claws on their feet and hands, the look can be very intimidating for people.


Recently, the woman who does all the nails for the hit show Claws came forward to offer a few tips on doing nails for the summer. Morgan Dixon is 28-years-old and runs the nail department at the popular television show. She studied art history and international relations while in college and saw manicures as a style of art – not too different from the classical art she learned while in school.

“People purchase art to put on their walls,” Dixon said. “Nails are bringing art to everyday people. It’s art that you can attain.”

Dixon had a few things to say about all the characters in the show and their chosen style of manicures.

“O.G. nail appreciators know the French mani was a real bossy look,” said Dixon about the show’s main character played by Niecy Nash.

As for Virginia Loc, the jewel-tone stones in the manicure mean something else, calling her look “boughetto.” This word is a mix of “bourgeoisie” and “ghetto.”

Nail trends come and go, and this one certainly won’t last long as people begin to realize how startling they are. Not only is this an alarming style, but it would also be hard to wear this nail trend with shoes or gloves. That’s one of the reasons it is a popular one for the summertime. You can rock the claws with sandals on and not very much else.

People use manicures as a chance to express themselves. Because manicure art is rather temporary, women can express themselves in all sorts of ways and not have to be too committed to it. The manicure will go away in a few short weeks or even sooner depending on its type. This encourages people to try something creative with their next nail style. It’s a chance to be expressive.

Would you ever get long nails like this to join in on the latest summer nail trend? Or is this style just too much for you to wear on a regular basis?