Family Buries Dog Hit By A Car. Hours Later They Hear A Scratching At Their Front Door

Our pets will always be a part of our lives. They have a special bond with us, especially with our children. If they pass away, it’s too painful and it would feel like you have lost a loved one. This is one of the most dreaded events that a parent would face. However, if we have pets at home we know that we will go through it at some point in our lives. Telling your kids that their beloved pet dog, cat, rabbit, or chicken passed away can be hard.

Glenn Maloney had this exact experience when their dog Mugsy was hit by a car outside his girlfriend Viola Tiszl’s house. It was about 3 PM when all this happened while Maloney was watching over their children Megan and Kevin. He said, “I picked Mugsy up but he died in my arms.” Like any other parent, Maloney didn’t want his children to see the bloody condition of their poor dog so he told them to stay inside the house. He checked on the dog hoping that it was still breathing but he concluded that their 4-year-old Russell Terrier was not breathing anymore and he had no heartbeat.

During his interview with Oprah, he said, “I was really upset.” Maloney buried Mugsy quick and I didn’t even tell the children. He didn’t have the nerve to tell the children, until around dinner time that night. Mugsy has been with the family for a couple of years so he is very special to them.


The family said goodbye to Mugsy by having a little ceremony. Megan then asked if they can put across at Mugsy’s grave and Maloney assured her that they would put one up the next morning. They said a little prayer for Mugsy and they all came back inside. At 5:30 in the morning, the family was woken up by a scratching noise at their front door. As soon as Maloney opened the door, he was greeted by someone that they thought they would never see forever.

It was Mugsy!

His tiny tail was wagging profusely and they were shocked to see him, and of course, a little freaked out! The first thing that came into Tiszl’s mind was maybe Maloney buried another dog that looked like Mugsy. However, he insisted that he closely inspected the dog and it was no doubt, Mugsy!

To confirm their suspicions, Tiszl went out to the grave when daylight came and saw that it was all dug up. Tiszl said, “Mugsy was covered with dirt and his eyes were bloodshot.” We all know that Jack Russells are bred to burrow after foxes. She said, “I guess when he woke up in that hole, he just thought it was another old hole and he dug his way out, not knowing it was supposed to be his grave.”

According to veterinarians, Mugsy was probably knocked out and when he woke up, decided to dig himself out when he must have felt like he’s lacking oxygen under the ground. They told them that Mugsy probably dug his way out after six hours. Tiszl and Maloney were told that Mugsy’s heart rate and everything was so slow that it was not obvious that he was alive after the accident. The family was more than happy to share to everything this amazing story that they had experienced with their dear dog, Mugsy.