Grieving Mom Knew Pet Sheep Wasn’t Going To Survive. Then She Saw A Miracle In Straw

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We all know you can’t rush Mother Nature (are you still checking in on April, the giraffe?).

Things will happen when they are meant to happen. Even if it is frustrating for those of us, who are watching and waiting!

At Snowy River Farm (in Nova Scotia, Canada), Amy Hill’s Katahdin sheep, Dotty, had given birth before, so when the 10-year-old sheep got pregnant again, Amy wasn’t that concerned.

Snowy River Farm raises their animals without corn or soy.

They treat all their animals humanely and raise them in a pasture (not penned up in stalls).

Dotty was not the only sheep Amy had at the farm – but she was the most special because Dotty was the farm’s first sheep.

Dotty is the reason Amy had developed a deep love for sheep.

One morning, Amy found Dotty laying on her back. She was having trouble breathing. Amy rushed Dotty to the vet where they kept a close eye on her.

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